Through the web shop, the buyer is able to purchase product assortments located on the merchant’s website.

All prices are retail prices and are quoted in EUR / HRK and include VAT and are valid for all payment methods at the time of purchase. These retail prices are only valid for the purchase of products via the web shop and may differ from retail prices in sales outlets. Retail prices are valid for payment under the terms below and subject to the conditions below.
Retail prices are valid at the time of receipt of the order.
Discounts are valid only at the time of order and can be changed without prior notice.
Additional services that Buyer can choose (delivery) are not included in the product’s price.

The delivery price is not included in the price of the product and is specifically indicated in the order.

By the delivery of merchandise goods to the Buyer via the electronic mail, the Goods Delivery Communication will be sent in which the intended delivery date will be defined.

If the Buyer chooses to deliver the goods from the Merchant, the delivery of the purchased product is done at the delivery address specified in the order form.
Delivery of the Product to the Buyer is done exclusively on the Working Hours of the Dealer. The Provider will contact the Buyer via telephone to arrange for the delivery deadline. If the Buyer fails to send a caller’s phone or he or she does not contact the Seller again, the merchant will not deliver the goods on the due date, but the delivery will be agreed on another day.

If the Dealer is not able to realize the delivery because at the delivery address there is no Buyer or other person authorized by the customer to download the product, in spite of the earlier telephone agreement on the delivery date, Buyer and Trader will arrange a new delivery term.
The Trader reserves the right to change the agreed delivery time due to the aggravating circumstances arising after the conclusion of the Contract and, in agreement with the Buyer, to propose a new delivery term.

Delivery takes place up to the entrance to the dwelling facility provided that the delivery point can be unhindered by the delivery vehicle. Access to a dwelling must be free, otherwise delivery will be made to the nearest point where it is possible to unload.

When delivering the ordered product, the Provider will request from the Buyer to sign a takeover certificate stating that the goods have been taken over and which will indicate the date of takeover.
In the event that some of the ordered products are missing, the Dealer shall provide it for free afterwards in the shortest possible time.

Delivery is done in the whole of Croatia.

Products can also be purchased outside the borders of the Republic of Croatia.

Delivery of ordered goods within Croatia is charged 3 eur (VAT included) for orders up to 30 eur(VAT included) and for orders above 30 eur (VAT included) delivery is free of charge.

Delivery outside Croatia is charged 10 eur (including VAT) regardless of the order amount.

The period of delivery of the goods available in the e-commerce is 2 to 3 business days within Croatia and 2 to 7 business days outside Croatia, except for products for which the buyer is informed of a different delivery deadline.
The delivery deadline begins after the order is received. Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and non-working days are not counted in the delivery deadline.
In case the buyer refuses to receive the correct and undamaged goods that he has ordered, the package will be returned to the Dealer.

In the case of promotional activities in which the delivery is free, the same will be clearly indicated on the page with the exact duration of the promotional activity and will be indicated on the order that the delivery is free of charge at no cost of delivery.

Purchased products and services can be paid by one of the following ways:
1) Credit Cards Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, American, Diners
2) Cash upon delivery

Payment by credit card is done through a WSPay billing system that is protected by an SSL protocol that ensures payment security in accordance with your protocols and certificates.

Buyer pays your order by clicking on “Buy”. The customer then sees in his basket the total amount of the purchase (including the delivery costs and the VAT included).