When colder days arrive with them our hands become exposed to the effects of dry air, cold and wind, and they need to be properly cared for.

Sometimes we seem to forget that hand care is just as important as face care, because hands are one of the first things people notice about us. Nourished hands are our reflection, and caring for them should be included in the daily routine as well as other habits. We often forget that hand care is very important, so the first cold days greet us with dry and damaged hands. We quickly go in search of a nourishing cream that is not greasy and absorbs quickly, and what should be most important to us is that it is made from natural ingredients.

Natural ingredients will nourish our skin, and some ingredients are better than others, especially because of their anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties.

Precious oils such as jojoba oil, is one of the common ingredients in hand creams precisely because of its anti-inflammatory effect, it stimulates the renewal of the hand skin and cuticles, hydrates it without greasy traces, and is well known to all lovers of natural cosmetics. Apricot oil obtained from its seeds, which were still used in ancient China as one of the care products. Today we know the fact that it is rich in vitamins A and E, which are necessary helpers in the skin care, including the hand skin, because they deeply nourish and penetrate the skin. Cocoa butter is also one of the indispensable ingredients of a quality natural cream because of its moisturizing properties, but also because it is an excellent antioxidant and helps fight free radicals, which in turn cause skin aging.

Anyone who recognizes the benefits of natural ingredients will know what Cera Alba, beeswax, is. Completely natural, this ingredient is the basis of cosmetics because, in addition to protecting the skin, it also slows down its aging and maintains firmness and elasticity. Marigold flower, or its extract, is one of the ingredients of the cream due to its high hydrating power, and our grandmothers have long known about its medicinal purpose. It is an excellent ingredient in the cream because it best nourishes and hydrates what we need because our hands need it the most in the cold periods.

People are becoming more aware of the care products they use, especially on the face and hands, and natural ingredients have become the backbone of preparative cosmetics. Of course, we make sure that we do our care with as few harmful ingredients as possible, and My Oasis hand cream Jojoba & Marigold is a great choice, because natural is simply the best. That is why it is necessary to focus on the cream being the best collaborator in our health, so that the one with natural ingredients will best suit your care, and even those with the most sensitive skin. A cream that hydrates dry and damaged skin is essential because not only do our hands need adequate care but they also need to be protected from external influences. Hands as soft as silk will surely leave an impression and attract a few compliments, so choose ingredients that will help us regenerate our skin with their multiple properties. Choose a cream rich in the best ingredients that are quickly absorbed, and with My Oasis hand cream you will surely leave an impression.

All natural ingredients will have a beneficial effect on your skin, and as they should, your hands will be soft, nurtured, protected and nourished by nature.

0000400 krema za ruke jojoba neven 50 ml

0000401 krema za ruke jojoba neven 50 ml